Fern Creek Lodge

Public Notice


We have exciting news to share about Fern Creek Lodge and for its new bright future.  For the family of Jim Coats (Owners of the Lodge for many years), we now bid our fond farewell to our wonderful customers. To all the people who have enjoyed the Lodge’s resources over our years of operation, we thank you for your business, friendship, and loyalty. 


While the Lodge business to the public ends, the Lodge will soon rise as a retreat for our Nation’s warriors.  The buyer of the Lodge is Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra (DSES). 


DSES has exciting plans to transform the Lodge to serve as its new National Wounded Warrior Center.  "DSES and the Eastern Sierra have an amazing opportunity to help these wounded warriors learn, heal, and thrive.” (Kathy Copeland, Founding Director).


Jim Coats had served as a Sergeant in the USMC and everyone who knew him knew well of his deep pride in our veterans.  Coincidentally, he always supported the DSES over the years, loving its mission for the wounded warriors.  The family of Jim Coats know with absolute certainty that Jim/Dad/Grandpa would be so happy to know his Lodge survives as a unique, dedicated service for our wounded warriors and for their loved ones.  It is for him a great ending, and for his family, a sincere farewell. 


Thank you all!


-Shanna, Jon & Jill