As we reopen Fern Creek Lodge, our main goals are:

  • Reducing risks to employees and customers

  • Maintaining a clean store and cabins

  • Encouraging behavior to keep Mono County OPEN!

  • And create an environment for our customers/guests to enjoy their visit

Reducing risks:

  • We have provided PPE and additional precautions for our store clerks and housekeeper. PPE includes face covering, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer stations, and a cough/sneeze guard at the register.

  • For our customers, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:

Store guidelines for customers:

  • Only 4 customers at a time, please wait outside and enjoy the view!

  • Masks/face coverings must be worn to enter our store.

  • Please maintain social distancing while in the store.

  • Credit card payments are encouraged.

  • If you are sick or have been near someone who is sick – Do not come in.

  • Please only handle products you intend to buy.

  • Please limit your time inside the store and maintain grace/gratitude for our awesome employees!

Maintaining a clean property:

  • Our store clerks will be cleaning with disinfecting cleaning products.

  • Our housekeeper will be cleaning cabins with disinfecting cleaning products and HEPA filtration for vacuuming.

  • Outside of our existing reservations, we will aim for 24-48 hour vacancy between cabin rentals.

  • We encourage our cabin guests to bring their own blankets and pillows, as we do not have the laundry facilities to wash these after each use. Please call ahead and let us know so we can make the cabin suitable for you.

  • Please take remaining toilet paper roll/paper towel/tissue box with you, since we will need to throw them away after checkout.

Help us Keep Mono Open!

  • We look forward to serving you!

  • Help us reduce risk by maintaining social distancing, wear face covering often, keep it clean/pack it out.

  • Patronize small/local business and choose take-out/curbside.

  • Communicate with us so we can improve your stay.

Enjoy your visit!

We know the last thing anyone wants to hear is more rules/regulations/restrictions. We want to provide our customers a peaceful escape from the chaos. Social distance on your cabin's front porch, in a boat, or on a hike. We look forward to serving you again.

Fern Creek Lodge COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Site Plan

Point of Contact: Jon Coats (Owner/Operations Manager)

Store Risk Assessment & Prevention/Cleaning Plan:

Person-to-person contact is being limited by using the following strategies:

  • Only four (4) customers are allowed in the store at once

  • Customers are asked to maintain social distancing and limit time in the store

  • All customers and employees are required to wear a face covering/mask

  • A plexiglass barrier was installed at the cash register


Surface contamination risk:

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are stationed throughout the store

  • Customers are encouraged to only handle products they intend to buy

  • Customers are encouraged to use credit cards (over cash) for transactions

  • Store clerks are frequently disinfecting commonly touched areas:

    • Countertop, credit card machine, computer keyboard & mouse, door handles, refrigerator/cooler handles, phone, TV remote, ATM


Cabin/Short-term Rental Risk Assessment & Prevention/Cleaning Plan:

Person-to-person contact is being limited by:

  • Housekeeping staff will not enter cabins during the guests reservation


Surface/environmental contamination risk:

  • Housekeeping staff must wear disposable gloves and face coverings

  • Leave unit vacant for 24 to 72 hours before cleaning (ventilate in meantime)

  • If rooms are turned over in less than 24 hours, housekeeping staff must wear full PPE of N-95 mask, disposable gloves, splash-proof eye wear, and cleaning-specific “scrubs” attire

  • Housekeeping will use backpack vacuum with HEPA filter for all cabin turnovers

  • All linens and towels are laundered, bedspreads and blankets have been removed

  • All open/used tissue boxes, toilet paper, and paper towels are disposed after each checkout

  • Removed items (couch throw pillows, magazines, flyers, local tourism material)


Employee Safety & Screening

All Fern Creek employees have received training on how to limit the spread of COVID-19 and screen themselves for symptoms.